Bio 4T03- no exam

Bio 4T03- no exam - BIOLOGY 4T03/6T03 Neurobiology Term II...

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BIOLOGY 4T03/6T03: Neurobiology Term II, Winter 2011 Instructors: Dr. M. Fahnestock HSC-4N80 x23344 [email protected] Dr. C. Nurse LSB-427 x23168 [email protected] Teaching Assistant : Nikol Piskuric LSB-421 [email protected] Course Outline This course will focus on selected current topics in Neurobiology and is divided into two sections, to be covered by each of the two instructors. Section 1 will focus on regulation of gene expression in the nervous system, neurotrophic factors and their receptors, signal transduction pathways, and neurological diseases, whereas Section 2 will be concerned with the structure/functional relation of ion channels, ion channel regulation by neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, synaptic function, and mechanisms of learning and memory. Both cellular and molecular approaches will be used. The format will consist of two one-hour lectures per week and one three-hour tutorial per week. The tutorial slot will be scheduled each week for seminar presentations and discussion of relevant journal articles by the students. In lieu of a final exam, two quizzes will be held, each during a lecture slot towards the end of each section. A tentative outline of the lectures is attached. Prerequisites
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Bio 4T03- no exam - BIOLOGY 4T03/6T03 Neurobiology Term II...

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