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The Service Critic-Service Marketing

The Service Critic-Service Marketing - The Service Critic...

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The Service Critic By Adrienne D. Childress AN UNFORGETABLE BUBBLE BATH Secar Wash , is the best cash wash in town, the sign states - - if you’re willing to overlook quality. Customers say Secar Wash offers first class service at a convenient location. However, the quality of service is always questionable, and critiquing the service with a fine tooth comb is inevitable. Recently, the companies mission statement: “The Ultimate In Car Care" was challenged. After my last visit, my driver’s side heated sit was suddenly inoperable. It appeared the switch was gone! The switch was present and operable prior to the service. The manager was prominently notified of the dilemma; and he was apologetic, guaranteed an investigation, and results within 48 hours. However, he did not have the authority ” to pay for the broken heat switch. The manager was simply more concern with the cost of the damage. The manager advised he would immediately contact upper management and explain the situation for an immediate resolution. Within 48 hours an estimation was completed for the cost of the repair. Regrettably, time lapsed with no communication and no results. My cry was simply forgotten. After numerous telephone calls to the establishment and communicating with employees that could not resolve my claim, I finally was able to connect with upper management, in another state . Apparently, he was not notified of the incident, and required additional 1 | P a g e
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information. Days pasted, and suddenly I received a telephone call from the manager at the location indicating that a check was prepared and awaiting my pick up. The establishment is clearly unprepared to resolve claims, and did not fulfill their promise to resolve this claim immediately and effectively. “I hope we can still do business.” A NEW LOOK As I renovated my kitchen, the need for a granite countertop was the next purchase item. After vigorously researching the area for granite providers we came across Classic Granite and Marble . The company advertised in the Valu-pak for the best prices in town. Initially, our interaction with the employees and owner was very delightful and welcoming. They annotated us with information and product selections. Moreover, there prices were competitive with other facilities in this industry. The facility was nested in an industrial area close to the Brandermill location, making it an inconvenience because we reside near the Richmond Airport. The Classic Granite and Marble differentiation was a free under mount sink that cost approximately $180.00. Another
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The Service Critic-Service Marketing - The Service Critic...

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