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Descartes Summary

Descartes Summary - most good and important occupation of...

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According to Descartes, everyone has “good sense” (or “reason”) and some desire it more than others. He claims that reason gives the power of judging well and determining what is right and wrong. Opinions vary between people because people lead their thoughts along different paths and do not take the same things into consideration. It is important to have a good mind and also know how to use it. He says that those who proceed to reason slowly are more efficient than those who hurry through things. Descartes believes that human’s ability to reason sets them apart from the other animals. Descartes states that he has the means to increase his knowledge little by little in the short duration of a lifespan. According to him, his life as a philosopher and search for the truth is the
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Unformatted text preview: most good and important occupation of all men. He states that he will talk about what paths he followed and how he represents these paths in his life through the discourses. He calls for people to judge his paths and have their own opinions of it so that they could, in turn, teach him about how they came about to form these opinions. When others judge his work, Descartes states that he can add to his knowledge the opinions of other people. Descartes writes that his goal is to show how he tried to conduct his reasoning. He hopes that his work will be useful for some without being harmful to anyone. He states that when he completed his entire course of study, he felt more ignorant....
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