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“The wise man who has accustomed himself to the bare necessities knows how to give rather than to receive. So great is the treasure house of self-sufficiency he has discovered.” (Vatican Sayings, 44) According to the above quote in the Vatican Sayings from “The Essential Epicurus”, a wise man that is grateful for the essentials of life is more willing to be generous to other people because he would have no use for any extra things besides what is necessary. Also, since the wise man is self-sufficient and happy with whatever is ample for living, if he has anything above what is “enough” then he will feel rich and wealthy. This maxim calls for people to grow accustomed to “the bare necessities” because he or she might be able to live a happier or better
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Unformatted text preview: life. By becoming used to these essentials of life, he or she could also “discover” the house of treasure that the maxim mentions. This maxim acts as a rule of conduct or a fundamental principle by advising a person on what he or she could do to achieve greater happiness through self-sufficiency. Besides giving a person advice on why it is wise to live their lives being self-sufficient, the maxim also explains how it will, in effect, make a person generous and satisfied in life. I agree that when a person knows what is enough for himself then it is easier to be generous but I disagree that he will feel wealthy if he had a little more than what is ample....
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