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BIO320 Homework_5__KEY - 1Name Homework #5 (Spring 2011)...

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1Name Homework #5 (Spring 2011) Instructions: Answer the following questions listed below. Questions 1-4 are worth two points and question 5 and 6 one point for a possible 10 points. Questions 1-4 involve the analyses of the two data sets on bird communities. You can calculate the Shannon- Wiener Species Diversity index by hand using the formula below or use the Excel spreadsheet tool that is provided (listed separately) as well as for the Rank Abundance Curves on the worksheet labeled Graph. If you have questions email them to me and I will put together a separate help file. This test can only be taken once. Test must be completed and submitted in by 8:00 PM (2000 hrs) Monday, March 28. Woodland Riparian area no. species no. species 3 common raven 2 Swainson's thrushes 2 Wilson warblers 9 rufous-sided towhees 13 American robins 3 winter wren 2 red-breasted nuthatches 5 ruby-crowned kinglets 1 acorn wood pecker 2 black-capped chickadee 1 wood thrush 2 Anna's Hummingbird 1 oven bird
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BIO320 Homework_5__KEY - 1Name Homework #5 (Spring 2011)...

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