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Name_________ KEY ___________________________ Section 12:00-2:00pm / 2:30-4:30pm MIC 302, Spring 2011 Homework #1 (20 points) TURN HOMEWORK IN AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON MONDAY, JANUARY 24 SHOW ALL WORK AND USE CORRECT SCIENTIFIC NOTATION AND SIGNIFICANT FIGURES Solution Problems : Calculate the amount of reagent and water required to make the following solutions (2 points each): 1. 1.50L of 1.00M NaCl: (1.5L)(1mol/L)(58.4g NaCl/mol) = 87.6 g NaCl + H 2 O up to 1.50 L 2. 250mL of 20% glycerol: (0.20)(250mL)= 50g (or mL) glycerol + H 2 O up to 250mL 3. 15mL of 2.5M MgCl 2 : (0.015L)(2.5mol/L)(95.2g MgCl 2 /mol)= 3.6g MgCl 2 + H 2 O up to 15 mL 4. 0.25L of 10.0mM CaCl 2 : (0.25L)(0.010mol/L)(110.98g CaCl 2 /mol)= 0.28g CaCl 2 + H 2 O up to 0.25L 5. 50.0mL of 20.0% Arabinose: (0.20)(50.0mL)= 10.0g (or mL) arabinose + H 2 O up to 50.0mL
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Dilution Problems : Design a simple (least number of steps) dilution scheme to get a statistically significant number of colonies on your TSA plate. Be sure to draw out your
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Homework_1-KEY - Name_KEY_ Section 12:00-2:00pm /...

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