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Homework_1-KEY - Name_KEY Section 12:00-2:00pm 2:30-4:30pm...

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Name_________ KEY ___________________________ Section 12:00-2:00pm / 2:30-4:30pm MIC 302, Spring 2011 Homework #1 (20 points) TURN HOMEWORK IN AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON MONDAY, JANUARY 24 SHOW ALL WORK AND USE CORRECT SCIENTIFIC NOTATION AND SIGNIFICANT FIGURES Solution Problems : Calculate the amount of reagent and water required to make the following solutions (2 points each): 1. 1.50L of 1.00M NaCl: (1.5L)(1mol/L)(58.4g NaCl/mol) = 87.6 g NaCl + H 2 O up to 1.50 L 2. 250mL of 20% glycerol: (0.20)(250mL)= 50g (or mL) glycerol + H 2 O up to 250mL 3. 15mL of 2.5M MgCl 2 : (0.015L)(2.5mol/L)(95.2g MgCl 2 /mol)= 3.6g MgCl 2 + H 2 O up to 15 mL 4. 0.25L of 10.0mM CaCl 2 : (0.25L)(0.010mol/L)(110.98g CaCl 2 /mol)= 0.28g CaCl 2 + H 2 O up to 0.25L 5. 50.0mL of 20.0% Arabinose: (0.20)(50.0mL)= 10.0g (or mL) arabinose + H 2 O up to 50.0mL
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Dilution Problems : Design a simple (least number of steps) dilution scheme to get a statistically significant number of colonies on your TSA plate. Be sure to draw out your dilution scheme, include the (1) volume of dilution blanks used, (2) volumes transferred, (3) the fold dilution that corresponds to the volume transferred, and finally
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