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Corporations, Bankruptcies, and Takeovers Economics 396 (220:396): Spring 2011 Monday and Wednesday, 8:45 – 10:05 pm Martin K. Perry, Ph.D., J.D. Email: [email protected] Final Exam: Wednesday, May 11, 8:00 – 11:00 pm Room 022, Loree Hall Make sure that you are registered for the course!!! Bring your Rutgers Photo Identification!!! Bring TWO number 2 pencils!!! Turn Off your Cell Phones and put them away before entering the final exam!!! The final exam will be held in the regular lecture room, Room 022, Loree Hall. Arrive early and form a line up the long ramp at the south entrance of the building. My proctors will check your registration and Rutgers photo identification card in the hallway. If you are left-handed and are not using a laptop, we will assign you one of the seats with a left-handed desk. If you want to use a laptop during the final exam, you need written permission from me. If you received permission to use a laptop for the midterm you need NOT obtain new permission for the final exam, you have permission for the final exam. If you are a laptop
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