love - noticing it. True love only comes to a persons heart...

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Love is something that we all want to feel and look for in this world sometimes we are lucky enough to find it sometimes we don’t. We all look for love sometimes we look for it in the wrong places but we all want to love someone and be loved by someone. When two persons get involved sentimentally and it starts creating a bond between them that with time and effort from both parties becomes stronger and powerful that could overcome many obstacles in the way of it. Sometimes we thing that it’s hard for us to find the right person in this world without realizing that maybe we have been in contact with that person without
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Unformatted text preview: noticing it. True love only comes to a persons heart only one time its up to us to seize it and keep it and enjoy it while we have it. We asked ourselves for the right person to come into our lives and make us feel loved but love might be closer that what we think. Love is a feeling that makes us do things that we thought were impossible for us to do while making it possible. It is a very powerful feeling that brings forth a new person within. In other words its like a new you....
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