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I would say that managerial accounting or I should say the mismanagement of managerial accounting was one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest problem faced at my last company. In February of 2007, I was hired as the marketing and sales coordinator of a start-up biomedical company located in Gainesville, Florida. At that time, I was the 12 th employee hired and I watched the company grow from twelve employees to over fifty employees within two years. Most of the fifty employees were getting paid over fifty thousand dollars a year with twenty or more of them getting paid over one hundred thousand dollars a year. The company went from renting a small office in Gainesville to renting a very large office in Alachua, Florida within a few months of my hire. This large office was not necessary being that only a handful of employees lived in the Alachua area as many employees worked from home across the country. In addition to the large expense of this office and the extremely large salary base of the employees, the company was paying for
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