Module 7 Discussions - In 200 words or more, explain what...

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In 200 words or more, explain what appropriate types of decison-making methods could be used at your employer or a previous position you've held. In my position as marketing and sales coordinator, I had to constantly do a short-run decision analysis updating which shows to attend and whether or not to replace or update broken or older marketing and tradeshow materials. I had to look into what problems or needs were there, identify the courses of action I could take to solve the problem or resolve the need, figure out the costs, savings, and other factors involved with each course of action, and select the best one. Sometimes I found that the best course of action was to do nothing. I also had to constantly make make-or-buy decisions, especially when it came to artwork for marketing purposes. I had several interns working for me, some of whom were hired based on their computer skills or art skills. Based on the artwork I needed made, I would have to decide if I wanted to have one of or a few of the interns spend work time working on this project or if it would be better handled and a better use of company money to have an outside source handle the artwork for this specific project. This leads into the special order decisions that I had to make. Being that we were a new company and had a brand new product, almost all of the marketing material as well as the trade show booth and sales materials had to be special ordered. This took an immense amount of time for research, meeting with different companies, and looking into and comparing pricing and costs for all of these different companies. Douglas Silber After reading and from the assigned chapter (11) for this week, pick two cases (at least one of which has not been used by another student) or a section from OSHA and explain how these cases impact the Occupational Health and Safety Act by explaining the section of the OSHA or by briefing the cases using the brief format below: Here are references - you should look for others 29 USC Chapter 15 Section 651 et. sec. found at: and -Facts (relevant facts of the case which provide evidence including the arguments of the parties)
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Module 7 Discussions - In 200 words or more, explain what...

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