Chapter 18 Homework - Chapter18 P2#1...

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P2 # 1 Estimated Total Overhead Costs = $5,712  = Estimated Total Cost Driver Level 140 (DLH) Overhead Applied: 240% of Direct Labor Co Overhead Cost Per Unit: Cost Applied / Number of Units: $5,712 / 150 = $38.08 Product Unit Cost using normal costing: Product costs per unit: Direct Materials: $117.01 Purchased Parts: 99.04 Direct Labor: 15.87 Applied Overhead: 38.08 Product Unit Cost: $270.00 Estimated Total Activity Costs = Activity Cost Rate Estimated Total Cost Driver Level Estimated Total Activity Estimated Total Activity Costs Cost Driver Level Engineering Systems Design $504  18 engineering hours Setup 432  12 setups Parts Production 3,034  82 machine hours Product Assembly 4,032  96 assembly hours Packaging 840  150 packages Building Occupancy 820  82 machine hours $9,662  Applied Overhead Cost Per Unit: Cost Applied / Number of Units: $9662 / 150 = $64.41 Product Unit Cost using normal costing: Product costs per unit:
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Chapter 18 Homework - Chapter18 P2#1...

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