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A and B PP Pres can be displayed over the internet – True Once you create a slideshow, its not that easy to rearrange things – False Tom sees his slide change automatically – Live preview Hannah selects the three arrows then applies the – Distribute vertically You can use the – Replace – command to replace one font for another Font color button is on the – Home – tab There are – 7 – categories of Smartart graphics The adjustment handle appears next to the – most prominent feature – of the object You can apply a Quick Style to a – Shape The convert to smartart graphic button is in the – paragraph – group The slides tab displays each slide as a – thumbnail The – quick access – toolbar is fully customizable Other than the slide pane, where can you enter text – Outline tab The align and distribute commands are in the – arrange – group The font color gallery includes theme colors and the – standard – colors C and D Document properties include – Custom XML data and Comments
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