Chapter 10 Cases - Chapter 10 Air Traffic 1. Summarize the...

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Air Traffic 1. Summarize the evidence supporting the finding by the FLRA that the air traffic controllers national union participated in a strike in violation of Section 7116(b)(7). The general counsel of the FLRA presented testimony that on August 3 pickets assembled at entrances to Air Traffic Control Centers in several locations where the picketers carried signs that informed the public that they were air traffic controllers belonging to PATCO and that PATCO was on strike. Attendance records presented by FAA witnesses indicated that only 2,308 of the 9,034 air traffic controllers scheduled to work on August 3 actually reported. FAA officials from the various facilities also identified striking air traffic controllers in photographs of the picketing outside of the Air Traffic Control Centers. 2. Was revocation of PATCO’s certification required by Section 7120(f) of Title VII of the Civil Service Reform Act? Revocation is not a requirement of Section 7120(f) but is an option available. Under section 7120(f) of Title VII, Congress provided that the Federal Labor Relations Authority (“FLRA” or “Authority”) shall “revoke the exclusive recognition status” of a recognized union, or “take any other appropriate disciplinary action” against any labor organization, where it is found that the union has called, participated in or condoned a strike, work stoppage or slowdown against a federal agency in a labor management dispute. 3. What effect does revocation of a union’s “exclusive recognition status” have on the viability of a union? 4. Did the FLRA abuse its discretion in this case? The FLRA’s decision to revoke PATCO’s exclusive recognition status was not an abuse of discretion. The union is a repeat offender that has willfully ignored statutory proscriptions and judicial injunctions. It has shown little or no likelihood of abiding by the legal requirements of labor-management relations in the federal sector. DeLury
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Chapter 10 Cases - Chapter 10 Air Traffic 1. Summarize the...

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