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C HAPTER 6 B USINESS –G OVERNMENT T RADE R ELATIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Governments impose trade barriers for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ________. a. to protect national security b. to gain influence over other nations c. to respond to other nation’s fair trade practices d. to protect jobs (c; Moderate; p. 178-182; LO1) 2. Which of the following is NOT a reason why governments impose restrictions on free trade? a. Cultural reasons b. Genealogical reasons c. Political reasons d. Economic reasons (b; Moderate; p. 178; LO1) 3. The pattern of imports and exports that occurs in the absence of trade barriers is called ________. a. an embargo b. protectionism c. the infant industry argument d. free trade (d; Easy; p. 178; LO1) 4. Which of the following industries is typically protected for national security reasons? a. Agriculture b. Textile c. Cosmetics d. Housing (a; Moderate; p. 179; LO1) 5. Products designated as dual use require ________ before export can take place. a. multi-language translation documents b. better consumer-use instructions c. special government approval d. World Trade Organization clearance
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