8 - Managing Quality

8 managing quality

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Unformatted text preview: Operations Management Operations Contemporary Concepts and Cases Managing Quality Outline Outline Quality Definitions Service Quality Quality Planning, Control, and Improvement The Quality Pioneers ISO 9000 Standards Malcolm Baldrige Award Supply Chain Quality Quality and Financial Performance Why Some Quality Improvement Efforts Fail 8-2 Introduction Introduction Quality is one of the four key objectives of Quality operations (cost, flexibility, delivery, quality) operations Historical development of quality concepts – – – Inspection (early 1900s) Statistics quality control (Shewhart (1940s) Quality management (1960s) Quality is responsibility of everyone in the Quality organization organization 8-3 Quality Quality Meeting, or exceeding, customer Meeting, requirements now and in the future. requirements i.e. the product or service is fit for the i.e. customer’s use customer’s 8-4 Quality of Design Quality Determined before the product is produced Translates the “wishes” of customers into Translates specifications specifications Concurrent design through the QFD process. 8-5 Quality of Conformance Quality Producing a product to meet the Producing specifications specifications (independent of quality of design) 8-6 Abilities Abilities Availability (Continuity of service to customers) (Continuity Reliability (Length of time that a product can be used before it fails—MBTF) it Maintainability (Restoration of the product or service once it has failed—MTTR) it Uptime Availability = Uptime + Downtime MTBF Availability = MTBF + MTTR 8-7 Field Service Field Warranty and repair or replacement of the Warranty product after it has...
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