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8 - Managing Quality

Est 1987 selling selecting an iso 9000 certified

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Unformatted text preview: elines selling, and servicing products. Est. 1987. selling, Selecting an ISO 9000 certified supplier Selecting provides some assurance that supplier follows accepted business practices in areas covered by the standard. by Required by many companies, esp. in Europe, Required before one can be a supplier. before www.iso.ch 8-15 ISO 9000 Standards ISO Quality Management Principles Principle 1 Customer focus Principle Principle 2 Leadership Principle 3 Involvement of people Principle 4 Process approach Principle 5 System approach to management Principle 6 Continual improvement Principle 7 Factual approach to decision making Principle 8 Mutually beneficial supplier relationships 8-16 Malcolm Baldrige Award Established in 1987 to promote better quality management Established practices and improved quality results by American industry. industry. Named for Malcolm Baldrige, former Secretary of Named Commerce Commerce Given to at most two companies in each of six categories Given (see slide 32) (see Criteria and points (See Table 8.3 and the Web site: Criteria http://www.baldrige.org) http://www.baldrige.org 8-17 Baldrige Criteria 1. Leadership 2. Strategic Planning 3. Customer Focus 4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Measurement, 5. 6. 7. Management Management Workforce Focus Process Management Results 8-18 Supply Chain Quality Supply Principles for outsourcing: Supplier involved in product design Suppliers maintain high quality (rolled yiel...
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