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8 - Managing Quality

G defective operations toys toys suppliers should be

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Unformatted text preview: d) Operations must manage risk (e.g. defective Operations toys) toys) Suppliers should be certified (e.g. ISO 9000) Don’t rely just on price and product samples. 8-19 Quality and Financial Performance Performance Quality costs – – – – Prevention costs Appraisal Costs Internal Failure Costs External Failure Costs Incurring prevention costs can lead to avoiding or Incurring reducing the other three. reducing 8-20 Reasons for Failure in Quality Improvement Programs Improvement Focus on short-term financial results “Blame the employee” syndrome Belief in “tradeoffs” in quality (don’t believe Belief “quality is free”) “quality Management interference with true teamwork 8-21 Summary Summary Quality Definitions Service Quality Quality Planning, Control, and Improvement The Quality Pioneers ISO 9000 Standards Malcolm Baldrige Award Supply Chain Quality Quality and Financial Performance Why Some Quality Improvement Efforts Fail 8-22 End of C hapte Eight r 8-23...
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