Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Categories of learning - - - Sensitization o...

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Categories of learning - Sensitization o Fire alarms, crying babies, lobsters on the shore o Maternal behavior can be induced via sensitization Ex female mouse give her a dead pup – won’t show maternal behavior Give her a live pup first then a dead one she will exhibit maternal behavior - Classical conditioning o Pairing 2 different stimulus to elicit a respons e o Pavlov into dog saliva Measuring the a mt a n a nim al salivates o Unconditioned respons e: ste ak induces s aliva Measure the a mt of s aliva Conditioned (learned) response Bell induces saliva CS m ust co m e b efore US for classical conditioning to work Bell + ste ak CS + US Learned + Unlearned Once the conditioned respons e is e stablished the b ell will induce salivation all by itse Need to pres ent the stimulus close in time Acquisition of the respons e takes several trials Extinction (of beh avior) can occur rapidly without reinforce m e nt o Anemon e – sto mphia: walks Starfish produce cues that are che mical to alert their pres ence In lab use the che mical to s e e if it induces b eh avior, s e e if just touch reduces b eh avio
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Lecture 4 - Categories of learning - - - Sensitization o...

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