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STUDY QUESTIONS – 2 Use Tinbergen’s Four Questions to come up with hypotheses about these three simple observations about animal behavior. Possible answers are given for the first two but don’t look at them before you try them on your own. Beavers build dams. The ruby-throated hummingbird chased a bee. Sharks spit out surfers instead of eating them. SAMPLE ANSWERS TO STUDY QUESTIONS – SET 2 Observation: Beavers build dams Tinbergen's 1 st Question: Causation Hypothesis : The sound of water stimulates the beaver to build a dam. Test : Use beavers that are zoo-reared and measure the amount of dam building behavior in response to different sounds that are played to them on stereo speakers. This experiment must be done in a controlled, zoo enclosure where both groups of beavers are given similar access to wood or trees for dam construction. Control Group : Beavers are played white noise. Experimental Group : Beavers are played the sound of running water. Measure : The amount of dam building behavior that occurs (biting down trees, moving logs) over a 48 hour period. Hypothesis : Chewing wood every day lowers stress hormones in the blood. Test : Give beavers access of no access to wood for chewing. Measure corticosteroid levels in the blood. Control Group : Beavers given access to wood. Experimental group : Beavers living under conditions where they have no access to wood (Note that this is an "experimental' group because wood has been taken away, and this is a manipulation.). Measure : corticosteroid (a stress hormone) levels in the blood in each group. Tinbergen's 2 nd Question: Development Hypothesis : Wild-reared beavers will be more inclined to build dams than captively reared beavers will. Test
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Study+Questions+2 - STUDY QUESTIONS 2 Use Tinbergens Four...

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