Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Perceptual Worlds- The umwelt- Sensory filters-...

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Unformatted text preview: Perceptual Worlds- The umwelt- Sensory filters- Chemical worlds o Olfaction (smell) o Gustation (taste) o Vomernasal (pheromones) o Common chemical sense- Mechanical worlds- Electromagnetic worlds The Umwelt- Sensory or perceptual world of an organism (conceptualized by ecologist Von Uexkull)- The environment is perceived through sensory filters o These filters define an organisms reality- We define reality by our perceptions o Human live in a unique sensory world But this world is not identical for all organisms What are sensor filters?- Sensory filters detect physical features of the environment- Properties and type vary by organism o Receptor cells pick up information from the environment, what happens? Transduction event (can be chemical, physical, etc) Leads to a voltage change across the neuron This eventually leads to a message being transmitted to other parts of the nervous system (I.e. brain, a central ganglion, or a nerve net)- 3 major classes o Chemical o Mechanical o Electromagnetic- Sensory filter and sensory ecology o The goal of sensory ecology is to understand How organisms acquire and respond to information in their environment Potential sources include o Conspecifics: other members of own species o Prey o Predators o Mates o Physical or other sensory features o And more recently, how these interactions adapt and respond to change Global warming Habitat destruction- Information o What is the inform ation content of the e nvironm ent? Much m ore than hu m an s ens es can detect o Two m ajor focuses in s ensory ecology are to determine What information is av ailable to drive interaction b etwe en particular organisms/speci a nd its e nviron m ent...
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Lecture 9 - Perceptual Worlds- The umwelt- Sensory filters-...

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