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paper_1 - Christianity so Constantine tried to unify the...

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Maria Leon RST 10 Paper 1 Professor Stem lectured on how Roman rulers believed disorder brought about anger from the gods therefore the gods allowed chaos in the form of civil war to breakout. Professor Stem also discussed how the Roman Empire believed solely in Roman gods and making peace with the gods brought reconciliation and prosperity to the Roman Empire. The Romans believed Christianity would anger the gods and upset the peace in Rome. In Pliny’s letter to the Emperor Trajan, Pliny is asking Trajan for advice on how to persecute Christians and what rules there are for punishment and conviction. This displays how connected politics was to their religious beliefs. However, after Constantine won a war and attributed the victory to the Christian God the factor that changed with his conversion to Christianity was the religion and God that the Roman Empire used to reference when enforcing their laws. Professor Chin’s discourse focused on how Constantine sought how to please the Christian God. At that time there were many divisions of
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Unformatted text preview: Christianity so Constantine tried to unify the religion and brought a council of elders to discuss the unification to satisfy God. The bishops established the Nicene Creed. After this declaration of “true Christianity,” legal force was used to force people into conforming to this one belief of what Christianity was supposed to be. Constantine stated there would be fines for those that did not cooperate. From that point, legal means were used to enforce this one religion. Augustine was a bishop of the Catholic Church and believed the minority sects should be required to join the majority. Augustine writes a letter to a Donatist priest and tells the priest that he would not be subjected to persecution by authorities if he would join the majority, which is the Catholic Church. These examples show that once Christianity became the dominant religion it was tightly looped in politics just like it had been when the Romans believed in Roman gods....
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