Paper 4 - borders. This is the reason we lay flag’s over...

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Maria Leon In the reading on desecularization, Berger states that religion has not become secularized and all attempts to try to do so have failed immensely. He also discusses that churches are becoming more conservative religiously. With these events in mind, one can see that nationalism expressed by these individuals would lean toward the religious spectrum rather than the secular. This can be seen in both American nationalism and Zionism. Professor Coudert presented information on how religious ideas shaped America. The sacredness of the American flag came about from religious ideas pledging allegiance to a country “Under God” and there are even religious statements in the Declaration of Independence. The flag itself is carried into wars as a symbol of soldier’s willingness to die for their country. This symbolism is similar to what Christ did in carrying the cross and his readiness to die. In addition the idea of totemic crisis deals with one’s willing to sacrifice their own blood to protect one’s
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Unformatted text preview: borders. This is the reason we lay flag’s over soldiers coffins to signify their willingness to go to war and sacrifice their blood for their country. In Zionism, they use religion to support nationalism. Jews take pride in their standing as a deeply religious person and the Zionist clearly state that one is not a Jew if they are not a nationalist. An example of religious symbols to support nationalism comes from both the Torah and the Ten Commandments. Zionists state that Moses gave Jews these items to bring “social cohesion,” and that this unity is only strengthened by nationalism. Zionism declares that “Judaism is nationalism.” From both of these examples, it is clear that societies are still not purely secular as they state or even desire to become. Furthermore, modern nationalism has deep roots in religion therefore to be purely secular they would have to get rid of these ideas but they’re so deeply rooted in societies, it is unlikely to occur....
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Paper 4 - borders. This is the reason we lay flag’s over...

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