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Paper 5 - Maria Leon Throughout this course the readings...

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Maria Leon Throughout this course, the readings and lectures has shown the outcome when religion and politics are intertwined. During the course of history, this mixing of church and state led to chaos, war, and discord in many countries in the majority of the cases. For these reasons, it is wise for governments to be free from religion and religious influence in its politics. The question, “Is God’s favorite political order the best political order for human beings because it is best for human beings politically, or is it best for human beings politically because it is God’s favorite political order?” indicates that political order can be an independent process for which religion has no part in it. The first part of the question demonstrates that humans have the ability to choose a political order that is best for them because God wants His children to have only the best. Humans will choose a political order that is best for them, in that it will be one that unifies them. Unification in a political order cannot occur if religion is blended within it. This has been seen in
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