Paper 3 - mass conversions to Christianity taking away...

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Maria Leon Religious differences did not cause war or persecution in the western and eastern Mediterranean like it may have done during other times in history. From the conflict with the Sunnis and Shiites to the Jews and Muslims, each of these conflicts centered around one major topic; land acquisition. Spain desired to conquer areas inhabited by both Jews and Muslims to increase their sovereignty and enforced their rule under the Catholicism veil. On the other end, the Ottomans desired to triumph over all to expand their empire through both land and sea. The Spanish began with exile of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula then tried to drive out Muslims. They would do so by enacting resolutions which Muslims would have to abide or as the Muley letter states; forced to pay high fines or be sent to jail. The letter tries to refute Spanish laws by showing Muslim alliance to the Spanish throne yet it is apparent the Spanish are interested in forcing the Muslims into situations that will cause them to flee. The Spanish try
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Unformatted text preview: mass conversions to Christianity, taking away Muslim standard of dress, prohibiting women from wearing veils, and outlawing social interactions like taking part in public baths or playing the zambra. Next, Ottoman rule enforced the idea of divide and conquer. The Safavids chose to unite the Shiite belief in Anatolia, not for religious uniformity but to obtain supporters for their military expansion. Allouche describes it as “religious propaganda which bore political overtones.” This did not sit well with the Ottomans since they desired expansion of their empire in these regions. The Ottomans sought to put an end to this religious alliance using military power. The campaign of Chaldiran displayed this was not a religious fight but territorial as they moved into Muslim Holy places like Mecca. From these two examples, it is clear that religious persecution was used in a struggle for territorial expansion for the Spanish and Ottomans....
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Paper 3 - mass conversions to Christianity taking away...

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