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lecture 4_28

lecture 4_28 - o Taxes were main source of money for kings...

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Securing the Social Order of the World with Divine Backing - Caste: elaborate/complex social system - Primary source: The Avesta o Zoroastrianism: religion of ancient Persia - 2 nd source: epic of Persia o Book of Kings: story of the world from the beginning up to Arab invasion o Jamshid: first ancient Persian king Keeping everyone in their place - Nasirean Ethics o Division of society o Emperor’s job is to keep everyone in place and make sure no one gets out of place - Circle of Justice o Idn Khaldun - North African historian o The king needs agriculturalists to remain in that role
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Unformatted text preview: o Taxes were main source of money for kings and came from agriculturalist-Practical philosophy o 3 fields Ethics: mans purposed in life is to reach unity with the One Economics: household management • The father is the boss & must keep the household in order Politics • King rules over all Religion is regarded as law-In order for p eople to beh av e it m ust co m e down from divine law Prompt According to Kinalizade’s pres entation, is upward m obility so m ething that God would like His p eop e njoy?...
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