Answers to Quiz two

Answers to Quiz two - 1 NAME: _ BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 104,...

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1 NAME: ______________________ BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 104, SECTION 1 QUIZ TWO May 24, 2011 Marilynn E. Etzler Check the Appropriate Categories Below: Undergraduate __________ Graduate __________ Other __________ INSTRUCTIONS: WRITE YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE There are three pages to this quiz, including the cover page. . Please count them before you start to make sure they are all present. Place your answer in the space provided beneath each question. Do not use any other paper; if you need more room, use the back of these sheets, but clearly state that you are continuing your answer on the back. PAGE VALUE SCORE 2 14 3 16 TOTAL 30
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2 1. (4 points) Fibroblasts can move over a surface by extending lamellipodia from their front ends. The formation of these lamellipodia is thought to be due to the polymerization of actin filaments. You are conducting an experiment to determine whether this actin polymerization occurs at the leading edge (A) of the actin filaments or at the trailing edge (B). You have coupled a caged fluorescent compound to actin monomers and injected them into a cell. Using a focused beam of ultraviolet light, you then uncage a bar of fluorescence in the growing lamellipodium. The orientation of this bar of fluorescence is shown in the
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Answers to Quiz two - 1 NAME: _ BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 104,...

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