Multisim demo 2.2

Multisim demo 2.2 - 2.2(1) MULTISIM DEMO 2.2: RESISTOR...

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2.2(1) M ULTISIM D EMO 2.2: R ESISTOR N ETWORK A NALYSIS Manipulating and analyzing resistive networks can be one of the hardest things to do when first studying circuits. While doing a few parallel combinations or series additions is no big deal, serious resistor networks containing delta or Y connections can be a little more difficult to attempt (although you should know how to do them). Multisim allows for easy analysis of such networks, although we should always remember that Multisim should not be relied upon to do this for us all the time, else we’ll never learn how to do it manually. So while, you should still learn to do them by hand, resistor networks can be easily constructed and simulated in Multisim to check your work. Our goal for this exercise will be to use Multisim to find the resistance of a somewhat complicated resistive network. The circuit we will analyze is found in Figure 2.2.1 below. Figure 2.2.1 Resistor network to analyze in this exercise. So let’s make a Multisim schematic. In order to place resistors (Figure 2.2.2): 1. Bring up the Select a Component Window through the methods discussed in Demo 2.1. 2. Under Group select: Basic 3. Under Family select: RESISTOR 4. Under select the appropriate values for each resistor and place each resistor in the appropriate position in the schematic. Alternatively, one can click on the “Place Basic” button,
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Multisim demo 2.2 - 2.2(1) MULTISIM DEMO 2.2: RESISTOR...

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