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DeVry University HUMN-432 Technology, Society, and Culture Spring 2008 Instructor: Richard A. Blass E-mail: Telephone: 732-435-4880 x4431 Class Meeting Time: S 8:25-12:00p Class Location: Room 220 Office Hours: By Appointment Course Description Technology, Society, and Culture is an interdisciplinary course that takes a liberal arts/social sciences approach to technology and functions as a capstone for general education. It investigates the relationship between society, culture, and technology through readings, reflection, research, and reports. The course identifies conditions that have promoted technological development and assesses the social, political, environmental, cultural, and economic effects of current technology. Issues of control and ethical considerations in the use of technology are primary. Discussion, as well as oral and written reports, draws together students’ prior learning in both specialty and general education courses. Prerequisite: HUMN-410 and 89 earned credit hours / 3-0-3 Terminal Course Objectives 1. Given the various levels of technological development since the first tool specializations, develop a working definition of technology in its various aspects. 2. Given a time-line illustrating the history of the Earth in subcomponents of billions of years, relate the development of plants, animals, and humankind to the geological changes in the Earth according to the proportionality and mutual influence of these changes. 3. Given a chronological overview of the history of technology, and using the timeline provided in the class textbook, establish a list of events that represent the most significant contributors to the development of technology. 4. Identify philosophies that accompanied technological growth and analyze the causes/effects of technological growth from cultural, scientific, and humanistic viewpoints. 5. Analyze the impact of technological development on marginalized social groups, e.g. minorities, women, elders, etc., by correlating these advancements with social changes 6. Given readings illustrating different attitudes toward technology, evaluate several contrasting viewpoints on the subject in terms of their ability to predict or accurately describe the effects of technology on the quality of life. 7. Analyze the impact of technology on the size, growth, and composition of world population and its effect on available resources.
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HUMN-432(Z)/Spring 2008/Course Syllabus/ Page 2 8. Assess the role that technology plays in the depletion of our energy resources, as well as in finding alternative sources to meet society's needs. 9. Propose a strategy and a specific set of basic steps that could help "heal the hearth." 10. Given practical examples of the different applications of biotechnology to solve society's challenges, analyze the positive and negative impacts of these technologies. 11. Given an overview of the development of medical technology, assess the impact of that
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HUMN432_Spring2008_Syllabus - DeVry University HUMN-432...

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