Race and Your Community

Race and Your Community - Running head RACE AND YOUR...

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Running head: RACE AND YOUR COMMUNITY 1 Race and Your Community Angel Bingham ETH/125 June 12, 2011 Thomas Messer
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2 Race and Your Community Jacksonville, Florida is a diverse city in need of a change to revamp racial issues in the community and change the decline in the economy. My community is very diverse with individuals classified as high low-mid to high salary. My home is the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in America and accommodates two military bases within the city. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional football team based here. In Jacksonville, Florida there is also a semi-professional football and baseball team. The combination of the military, sports, and massive land mass should be a recipe for a successful economy. However, my city has taken an immense blow in economic status. The increased unemployment and declining housing market are the most substantive key factors in the economic decline. Over the past few years I have noticed an increase in the Hispanic population as well as the African American and Russian population here in Jacksonville. The City of Jacksonville needs a change to revamp the economy and create a brighter future for the citizens of the community. My community looks like myself and the people I associate with daily. I am a white working female with bi-racial children. My ex-husband is a working African American male. My bi-racial children represent the cultural future in Jacksonville, Florida. The community of Jacksonville is mostly populated with individuals who look like my ex-husband and me. I am a well-rounded individual and enjoy meeting new people with varying cultures and backgrounds. The Duval county (Jacksonville, Florida) population rate is as follows:
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Race and Your Community - Running head RACE AND YOUR...

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