Legislation Legacy

Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1 Legislation Legacy Angel Bingham ETH/125 May 20, 2011 Thomas Messer
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LEGISLATION LEGACY 2 Legislation Legacy The restriction of utilizing natural resources on reservations is an issue the Native Americans face. An article titled, “Unless Energy on Tribal Lands,” was released January of this year within the Indian Leader. In the article, it explains how the government restricts Native American tribes from accessing almost one trillion dollars’ worth of natural energy resources located on reservations today, including coal, gas, oil, and wind. The article states that at least 49 bureaucratic steps are deterring energy development. Native American reservations contain approximately 10% of the United States energy resources, yet the government is only utilizing about 5%. According to the government more than two million acres or reservation land has already been developed for gas, oil, and coal. Another 15 million acres could have the same potential as well as additional land for wind power. Estimations state that the wind power from the reservations could satisfy approximately 15% of
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Legislation Legacy - Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1...

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