United States Centric Views Comparison

United States Centric Views Comparison - Running head:...

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Running head: UNITED STATES-CENTRIC VIEWS COMPARISON 1 United States-Centric Views Comparison Angel Bingham ETH/125 May 15, 2011 Thomas Messer
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UNITED STATES-CENTRIC VIEWS COMPARISON 2 United States-Centric Views Comparison I chose to compare my appendix with a very close friend named Paul. After we completed the table I discovered, we have different views on each group. Paul believes that both groups are equally the same except Muslims are governed by the Qur’an, whereas my table looked different. I tend to be more judgmental than Paul and only listed seven descriptors for both groups. Comparing the two tables revealed that Paul and I do agree that both groups tend to be family oriented, have women as homemakers, are often socially oppressed, have a male-dominated political environment with moderate political values can be fanatically religious, and their religious values are perpetuated in politics. Paul and I differ in our beliefs in the descriptors of; good neighbors, not oppressive to women, women who go to work, flexible moral values, governed by biblical law, political environment open to both sexes, moderate moral values, law- abiding, secular content in education, peaceable, feminist, devout, well educated,
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United States Centric Views Comparison - Running head:...

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