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Using the Proper Tone - Running head USING THE PROPER TONE...

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Running head: USING THE PROPER TONE 1 Using the Proper Tone Angel Bingham GEN/105 April 22, 2011 Dr. Chrisptoher Summerlin
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USING THE PROPER TONE 2 Using the Proper Tone Communication today is most often in electronic form. E-mails, text messages, online forums, messengers, and networking websites, are some of the various ways society communicates. Depending on who the message is sent to, depends on the style and tone considered acceptable for the receiver. Netiquette is very important in all electronic communication. Anything typed in all caps is considered yelling, and manners are very important. Anytime requests are made of another person, it is always best to begin with the word please, or placed in the form of a question. An example would be “please call me when you get a chance,” or, “would you give me a call when you get a chance?” Either of these sentences are a better way to say call me. The sender must be careful about unknowingly placing demands on the receiver as they can be misconstrued as offensive.
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