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Technological Tools - Author(s The Hindu[English Summary...

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Search topic (Keyword Search):  Distance Learning Database:  EBSCOhost Article 1 (Article Title):  Ethical Practices and Implications in Distance Learning Author(s):  Teixeira, Antonio M Summary: This is an article  review  on the book “Ethical Practices and Implications in Distance Learning.” According to this review, the book discusses questions raised about ethical and moral issues  within a distance learning environment. It gives examples of previous problems encountered in  early distance learning days, as well as the solutions implemented. Search topic (Keyword Search):  Distance Learning Database:  Gale Powersearch Article 2 (Article Title):  GITAM’s CDL attracting students from across the State
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Unformatted text preview: Author(s): The Hindu [English] Summary: This was actually a news article talking about the distance learning program at GITAM University in Andhra Pradesh, India. The article was saying how the program was attracting students from all parts of the country. It went on to stress the importance of distance learning. **I really like Gale Powersearch and the functionality it has. The search offers “clean” results and is very user friendly. I also found it very interesting that other countries are benefiting from the same concepts we are. **...
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