Creating Goals - Running head: CREATING GOALS 1 Creating...

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Running head: CREATING GOALS 1 Creating Goals Angel Bingham GEN/105 May 15, 2011 Dr. Christopher Summerlin
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CREATING GOALS 2 Creating Goals The map of my life can be broken down into various goals, both short and long term. All goals that I have set for myself are very important to my happiness in life. Each of these goals is either educational, career, or personal, but they are woven together in many ways. My first goal is of a personal nature. With a determination to lose 20 pounds by the fall of this year, there are numerous smaller goals that I must accomplish first. A week ago I joined a gym, and have decided to go at least five times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Even though exercise is a commendable start, it is not enough; I have also made the commitment to eating healthy. This includes larger amount of fruit, fish, and eggs with minimal carbohydrates in my diet. Minimizing carbohydrates and maximizing my protein intake while maintaining a higher level of physical activity will maximize my success rate with this personal goal. During the course of working toward my first personal goal, I am also working toward my first educational goal. Come summer of 2011, I will have received my Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in Psychology. Prior to applying with University of Phoenix, I was a previous student at Florida State College of Jacksonville. This allowed me to transfer a year of credits toward my current educational goal. Immense focus, drive, determination, and time management skills must be exercised on a continual basis to achieve my first educational goal. The second personal goal I have is to buy a new home by 2013. To accomplish this goal I
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Creating Goals - Running head: CREATING GOALS 1 Creating...

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