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Axia College Material Appendix G SQ3R Worksheet Selected Reading: 155-167 Survey How did you survey? I looked for thing in bold blue text and italics words and phrases. That gave me an idea of what I was going to be reading and where the key words and/or topics were that related to the assignment. I also skimmed over side notes, graphs and pictures Question What questions did you ask? “What is the easiest and quickest way to remember this SQ3R technique” “What does SQ3R stand for” Read How did you read? What? I do not understand this question. I read by focusing on the words thoughts ideas tips and suggestions given in the chapter. I made mental notes of things I found helpful and disregarded things I did not. Recite What did you recite? “Writing is the most effective way to learn new
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Unformatted text preview: material” Review How did you review? By re-reading the material I mentally discarded previously. However, with more complex material I often make a set of hand written notes as a study guide. Once completed, I read over the notes at least 4 times a day until it is committed to memory. Wrap-Up Questions : How successful was the SQ3R process in helping you grasp the concepts in the section you selected? To be honest, it wasn’t anything new. SQ3R is a method I have been using for years; I just never had an “official” title for it. Will you use SQ3R in the future as a way to master the content in academic readings? Of course, as stated previously, I have been using this method for years. GEN/105...
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