Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences - the Nintendo DS....

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GEN 105 CHECKPOINT: Multiple Intelligences Angel Bingham June 1, 2011 gence.htm learning.htm title=Multiple_Intelligences_and_Learning_Styles#Logical.2FMathematical My strongest intelligence (learning style) is logical-mathematical. I need things to be organized and sorted out in reports. A comedian once said that he liked math because it made sense, that two plus two would equal four all day long, that is how I feel. I need things to make sense and I tend to deal in absolutes. What ifs, maybes, and possibilities do not work for me. I love to play games that require thought, and I even have IQ games for
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Unformatted text preview: the Nintendo DS. Logical-Mathematical is my exact learning style. According to my research, the websites I visited affirmed my strongest intelligence. I am a massive thinker. Deductive and inductive logic, patterns, and problems solving are all strong suites of mine. I often refer to myself as an analytical thinker, I need to figure things out and it needs to be an absolute answer. One of the sites stated that logical-mathematical thinkers are known to excel in logical and numerical activities. That also is true for me. I have always done very well in math, and was previously a computer engineer major. Throughout my research, I did not find any contradictory statements between my learning style and the one I closest associate with. I feel that logical-mathematical intelligence is truly my strongest intelligence....
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Multiple Intelligences - the Nintendo DS....

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