Unit Test 1 - Unit Test 1(chapters 2-3 Name Vanessa Renee...

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Unit Test 1 ( chapters 2-3 ) Name: Vanessa Renee Holmes POFT 2312-8400 Please read instructions carefully - Each answer is worth 3 points each. Submit test to you instructor by February 13, 2011 TRUE / FALSE Indicate whether the sentence or statement is TRUE or FALSE . 1. TRUE Most businesspeople have been taught the techniques of good listening. 2. TRUE For decision-making meetings, the best number is five or fewer participants. 3. TRUE Culture is the basis of self-identity and community. 4. FALSE Saving face is the primary motivational factor in both low-context and high- context cultures. 5. TRUE Culture is shaped by attitudes that are learned in childhood. 6. FALSE The same letter, date, and number formats are used throughout the world. 7. FALSE An effective way to manage diversity in the workplace is to create an environment that values sameness and conformity 8. TRUE Dario goes to a job interview wearing a professional suit, dress shirt, and tie. This nonverbal action helps to reinforce and accentuate Dario’s professionalism. 9. TRUE Many companies are turning to teams to innovate, share knowledge, and problem solving. 10. TRUE Generally, teams can make more accurate and effective decisions than those made by individuals. COMPLETION Complete each sentence or statement . Highlight your answer in Red. 11. Teams may reach a decision by consensus , which requires that discussion continues until all team members have aired their opinions and, ultimately, agree. 12. A blog is a type of interactive online journal that allows collaborations to share information in one central location. It is a one-to-many form of communication.
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13. The belief in the superiority of one’s own race is known as ethnocentrism. 14. To improve tolerance of cultural differences, practice
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Unit Test 1 - Unit Test 1(chapters 2-3 Name Vanessa Renee...

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