Unit Test 2 - Unit Test 2(chapters 4-6 Name Vanessa Renee...

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Name: Vanessa Renee Holmes POFT 2312-8400 Please read instructions carefully - Each answer is worth 3 points each. Submit test to you instructor by March 10, 2011 TRUE / FALSE Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false . 1. T Sentences that average 20 words are most effective for business writing. 2. T The goal of business writing differs from the goal of academic writing. 3. F Words such as badmouth, dude, and ticked off are examples of conversational business dictions. 4. F The “you” view emphasizes first-person pronouns instead of second-person pronouns 5. T The focus of a brainstorming session should be on quantity of ideas, not quality. 6. F The first step of Phase 2 of the 3-x-3 writing is to organize the message or document. 7. F Independent clauses have subjects and verbs; dependent clauses do not. 8. T Passive voice can be used to conceal the doer of the action. 9. T To achieve parallelism, match nouns with nouns, verbs with verbs, phrases with phrases, and clause with clauses. 10. T Race, ethnicity, and age should be specific in business writing only when they are relevant COMPLETION Complete each sentence or statement . Highlight your answer in Red. 11.
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Unit Test 2 - Unit Test 2(chapters 4-6 Name Vanessa Renee...

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