Unit Test 3 - Unit Test 3(Chapters 7-10 Name Vanessa Renee...

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Unit Test 3 (Chapters 7-10) Name: Vanessa Renee Holmes Please read instructions carefully - Each answer is worth 3 points each. Submit Unit Test to your instructor by April, 24, 2011 TRUE / FALSE Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false . 1. T Good e-mail messages and memos generally discuss only one topic. 2. F Including a subject line in an e-mail message or memo is optional because these messages are usually short. 3. F Subject lines should be written as complete sentences ending with periods. 4. F Instant messaging (IM) should not be used professionally. 5. T Employers can legally monitor employee e-mail use. 6. F Most routine letters should be organized using the indirect strategy. 7. T Most business letters are better if they start with the action desired or the main idea. 8. T Using the “you” view is one way to build goodwill in business letters. 9. T Straightforward claims are those to which you expect the receiver to agree readily. 10. F Subject lines are used in e-mail messages and memos but never in letters. 11. T Persuading someone to or to perform an action is easier when done in writing rather than face to face. 12. T Distorting or overlooking facts when using persuasive techniques is considered unethical behavior. 13. T The first step in planning a persuasive message is determining the purpose since it establishes the strategy of the message. 14.
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Unit Test 3 - Unit Test 3(Chapters 7-10 Name Vanessa Renee...

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