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Thao Vu 1.a. The main problem of the question "Do you agree that gay marriage is unacceptable but that civil unions are an appropriate compromise for this divisive issue?" is that it is trying to cover too many topics in a single phrase. The question could be divided up into many other questions 1.b. Pollsters usually need to get about two thousand responses in order to get an accurate poll. 2.a . I have chosen the topic: "Plurality Sees Press Coverage of Obama as Fair" from 2.b. 46% of the voters say that Obama coverage is fair. 23% say that it is too easy, and 21% say that it is too tough. Then in September the rates changed to 37% fair, 27% too easy and 23% too tough. 3.a.The questions that they asked were: Compared with the 1990s, is the current federal budget deficit:
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Unformatted text preview: Generally, which political party was regarded as doing best in the midterm elections? When the new Congress convenes in January, will Republicans have a majority in: Who is likely to be the next speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes in January? Is the national inflation rate reported by the government closer to: The federal government loaned money to banks under the bank bailout program known as TARP. How much of that money has been paid back to the government? Is the national unemployment rate as reported by the government currently closer to: On which of these activities does the U.S. government currently spend the most money? 3.b. My answers were 50% correct. I scored better than 58% of the public that took the test, and below 33% of the public....
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