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Chapter 8 - 1 Based on the simulation which party seems to...

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1. Based on the simulation, which party seems to benefit when voting is made easier? Why do you think this particular party benefits when the process is easier for voters? 1. When voting is made easier, both Democrat and Republic party would benefit. However, based on this simulation, it would seem that the Democrat party benefits more. I think so because the simulation said “Increasing the number of precincts,” “Having all voters vote by return mail,” “Extended hours for polls in early morning and evening on election day” would help the Republicans as well as Democrats. While “Allowing voting for several days, at supermarkets and shopping centers,” “Relaxed registration requirements, including same-day registration” helps the turnout for Democratic rather than Republican voters. Republicans tended to be more critical of these program, arguing that their voters are less likely to move as often and more likely to have followed through with timely registration.
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