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Chapter 9 - because they want the public to understand more...

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Thao Vu 1. 1.a. Yes, the site clearly explained the philosophy of the Democratic party. Explain its philosophy: Democrats feel the government is the answers, trust big government, hate the rich and guns. Democrats feel, it is ok to kill an innocent fetus, and let a convicted murderer live. Democrats feel the answer to any problem is to raise taxes; feel global warming is more of a threat then terrorism. 1.b. The site clearly explained the party's position on major issues. Economic Issues: Democrats favor a higher minimum wage and more regular increases in order to assist the working poor. Social Issues: Democratic Party supports equal opportunity for all Americans and favors affirmative action as a way to redress past discrimination. 1.c. This is a major party not a minor one. 1.d. The Web site does not emphasize middle-of-the-road or more extremist policies 1.e. In my opinion, political parties want to discuss issues or personalities with the U.S. public
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Unformatted text preview: because they want the public to understand more about the functions of the party and people might understand their party more through those discussions. 1.f. I was really surprised by the number of third parties in American politics. As an international student, this is my first time learning about American government, and I did not know anything about the U.S even English till I came to the U.S last year. I used to think that the U.S. only has Democratic party and Republic party. According to an article, the third parties "spoil" their candidates presence benefits the major party they disagreewith. Most of the time, third parties draw from one major party more than the other. This costs the more closely-affiliated major party's votes and may tip a close election to the other side.” 2.a. The third-party is not important to me. I have never voted for a third-party because I like Democrat the most 2.b...
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