Chapter 26 quiz - 1....

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1. The ________________ form of municipal government is the most widely  adopted form in Texas. A)  council-manager B)  commission C)  mayor-council D)  confederation Points Earned:  1.5/1.5  Correct Answer(s): A 2. Houston, the largest city in Texas, uses the ________________ form of  municipal government. A)  strong mayor B)  weak mayor C)  council-manager D)  commission Points Earned:  1.5/1.5  Correct Answer(s): A 3. A _______________ is a unit of local government that performs a single  service in a limited geographical area. A)  county B)  municipality C)  special district D)  council of government Points Earned:  1.5/1.5  Correct Answer(s): C 4. The most common form of special district is the ___________________. A)  municipal utility district B)  hospital district C)  drainage district
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D)  independent school district Points Earned:  1.5/1.5  Correct Answer(s): D 5. A ________________ offers electricity, water, sewer, and sanitation 
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Chapter 26 quiz - 1....

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