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Analyzing Credibility In this project I used two different ads “Giuliani remembers 911” and the ads from the company Progressive. Giuliani ad were paid by his campaign and Progressive Insurance Company paid for their own ads. In former Mayor Giuliani ads there is a slant that he is trying convey and slant is how he is trying to get a push in his campaign for Presidency. While Progressives slant was not only their insurance is good and they offer many different types of insurance but if you have a different insurance you will want to leave that insurance and come to Progressive. After looking at both ads I feel that the creator of the ads feel that society only wants to know what you can do for them and don’t care if you are the best. To tell you the truth I am not skeptical about Mayor Giuliani credibility because he proved during the attacks how he was able to run his city and help restore order not from a desk but from the actual scene.
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Unformatted text preview: I do not believe that Larry King was being bias because did not ask questions to try to change viewers votes to Mayor Giuliani elected. In the Progressive ad the company makes the claim that their insurance is better cheaper, and has more options than any other insurance company. These ads that Progressive put out tries to make the public desire their insurance by saying you can insure all your vehicles through one company which is a new desire. In their ad they try to describe a common situations so the viewers can relate and switch over to their insurance company. Even though Progressive has good commercials and I see their trucks every day riding around I would not use their insurance because I don’t trust companies who has to use gimmicks to sell their products. _32kbps.html ....
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