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Anthony's Dilema - the reason why you were able to talk to...

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Dear Anthony I am writing you this letter responding on the email that you sent out. Before I give criticism I will like to point out that I am only trying to help you. The first mistake that feel that you made was when you did not say the lady’s name and title. I feel like that’s only respect to her that she obviously earned through hard at her job. The second thing that feel like you made a mistake about in letter was saying you were surprised that she gave good advice, to me that sounds a little sexes because growing up in the environment that we are in today you should know that women have worked hard to be looked as an equal. The third mistake that you was saying that etiquette class was boring, what you have to remember is that if you were their maybe that was job requirement or one of your bosses felt like you needed the class. The fourth thing that you did wrong was saying that you was talking to some of the good ol boys, this statement can be considered as being racist to telling your minority co-workers that because you are Caucasian that is
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Unformatted text preview: the reason why you were able to talk to them. Finally you made the statement that if you are a man and want to promoted this is the way you should do it. What you have to remember is that in workplace there are more than just men there are women and they are probably looking for advancement in the company also. What you have to remember is use empathy when sending messages over the email because your intensions are only seen on words and can not be seen in expressions that you might physically or in voice. I believe that if you make those few changes and think a little bit before you write or even send your email this problem will not happen to again. I hope that this will help and do me favor send out and apology to everyone who received that message so you will not have any problems with your other co-workers. Yours Truly Marquis A. Jackson...
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