Becoming a Citizen

Becoming a Citizen - The Great American Success Story...

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The Great American Success Story African Americans has come from bottom of society to one of have some of the greatest contributions American society. Even though the influence of African American can be seen in society all over it did not start this way for my people. My ancestors have had to overcome slavery, segregation, discrimination, and then persevere to get where we are at today. 1619 is when the first 20 Africans were sent over to this country, even though most people may think these first were slaves they actually were not. These Africans came over under the title of indentured servants which are underneath a citizen but ranks above a slave. These indentured servants landed in Jamestown. Their children were born free people. It was not until 1660 when the British colonies passed laws making Africans slaves for life, forbidding interracial marriages and making children of slaves bear the status of their mother regardless of their fathers race. During slavery the slave family had no standing in the law. African slaves were not allowed to marry legally and the adults or children were often sold. It was not until 1863 until slaves began to feel hope in ever
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Becoming a Citizen - The Great American Success Story...

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