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Clinical Interview Questions 1. What is the reason for this visit? 2. What or who is the reason for the reason at this point in your life? 3. How was your childhood? 4. Why do you think your childhood was good or bad? 5. Tell me about your parents. Do parents have any medical disorders that you know of? 6. How was your relationship with your parents while growing up? While growing up did you favor one parent more than the other and why? 7. Explain your school years?
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Unformatted text preview: How were your grades and tell me about your social life in school. 8. How did your parents feeling about you dating? Did your parents approve or disapprove of the type of boys you dated in high school? 9. What type of person do you seem to be attracted to and why do you feel you are attracted to this type of person? 10. Do you remember anything specific that may have become a trend in all of you relationships?...
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