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Unformatted text preview: Axia College Material Appendix B The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Match race and ethnicity key terms with their correct descriptions: 2. Copy each key term from the Key Terms list below. 3. Paste each key term into the cell to the right of its matching description. Key Terms: Stereotype, Gender group, Pluralism, Sociology, Minority group, Assimilation, Conflict perspective, Segregation, Ethnic group, Racism, Class, Subordinate group, Social construction of race, Racial group, Religious minority group. Note : Some descriptions were adapted from Richard Schaefer’s Racial and Ethnic Groups , 10th ed., 2006. Description This group is the same as a subordinate group. A defining feature of this group is that its members have less control or power over their lives than do members of dominant groups. This describes the social structure between competing groups as defined by conflict or tension. An example would be t conflict that occurs between Haitians and United States citizens when Haitian refugees seek a new home in the United...
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