World Civ Week 11

World Civ Week 11 - World Civ week 11 Chapter 21, 22 1. In...

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World Civ week 11 Chapter 21, 22 1. In approx. 150-200 words address the following: how did the Mexica people establish their authority over the peoples of central Mexico? How did the Mexica treat conquered peoples? What are the distinctive aspects of Mexica religion? What is the purpose of human sacrifice? The people of Mexica were a nomadic group that moved to central Mexico in the middle of the thirteenth century. They established their capital, Tenochtitlan and prospered off geographical features of the area. By the fifteenth century, they were powerful enough to demand tribute from their immediate neighboring states and had launched ambitious campaigns of imperial expansion. They had conquered the area between the capital and the gulf, where they created a triple alliance with two neighboring cities Texcocoa and Tlacopan to create the Aztec empire. They achieved political and military dominance over large parts of Mesoamerica and exacted heavy tribute from their subject peoples, mainly on the fear of the reputation for military prowess. The Mexica’s adopted many of the Totlecs cultural and religious traditions. Like their predecessors, the Mexica believed that human sacrifice was essential to the world’s survival; to please the gods and ensure the continuation of the world. Captured prisoners, criminals and tribute from neighboring people were used as human sacrifice. The Mexica believed that their gods had
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World Civ Week 11 - World Civ week 11 Chapter 21, 22 1. In...

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