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Chapter 1 Public and Privet family

Chapter 1 Public and Privet family - Chapter 1 Public and...

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Chapter 1 Public and Private Families How Do We Feel About the American Family? 1950s sitcoms portrayed the American Family at the time Many still view this as the “ideal” Breadwinner-homemaker the father worked for pay outside the home and the mother worked in the home for no pay Conservative side bemoans changes such as divorce, having children out of wedlock and cohabitation Conservatives also favor public policy that encourages and promotes marriage as the way out of problems Today’s sitcoms portray vastly different families Gays, single parents, etc. Diversity can either be tolerated or of great concern On the left/liberal side: “Diversity defenders” who focus on personal rewards of family life for adults They argue that society can adjust to new family forms and change ways work and school are organized Feel public policies should support families of all types Individualism and Families On one hand, marriage-centered family life remains the preference On the other, there is much more toleration for family life without the boundaries of marriage, and the idea to never marry is acceptable Individualism looked at in a utilitarian and expressive form Utilitarian Individualism: Puts emphasis on self-reliance and personal achievement Expressive Individualism: Places emphasis on developing one’s feelings and emotional satisfaction Although most Americans want to marry, they feel less of a need to do so today Marriage may compete with staying in school, developing a career, cohabitating, or having children outside of marriage Note the following chart in relation to individualistic values Figure 1.1 Percentage of Adults answering “very important” to the following values What is a Family? Social Conservative definition—only one “correct” family Two parent breadwinner-homemaker family is the only acceptable form Economic definition—specific rules about who qualifies to be a family member Only those that “qualify” are eligible for benefits Cultural definition—varies from culture to culture Western Nations monogamy —one husband and one wife
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